Save & make money with ecomtrack

Ecomtrack’s Pixel will match your sales to the right campaigns and let you scale ads with certainty. Don’t waste money shooting in the dark because you’re relying on inaccurate data. Outsmart the limits of Facebook’s 7-day attribution window and exceed your revenue goals with ecomtrack.


How does it work?


Install ecomtrack Pixel

Our Pixel is installed on your ecommerce platform and it closely observes what every visitor is doing on your website – browsing pages, adding items to their cart, checking out – and builds an anonymous identity around each.


Place URL parameters in ads

By placing URL parameters in each ad, our Pixel will know if the visitor coming to your website has a unique Ad ID on his/her sleeve.


Check accurate data

When the visitor eventually makes a purchase our Pixel can assign credit back to the correct advertising platform and the specific ad that brought the customer to your website.

Our Pixel will become your best friend because it gives you two crucial benefits

Save Money

turn off ads that are not performing

Make Money

scale winning ads with confidence

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Enjoy the profits

While others are wasting their budget on wrong campaigns, you are enjoying the profits from having accurate data and scaling only the ads that are bringing you the highest returns.

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Choose attribution window

Our Pixel’s memory is not limited to just 7-days as Facebook’s (missing multiple purchases that happen after day 7) so you can choose from a 7-,14-, 28-day attribution window or „last click“ attribution model.

Know the truth

Finally, you will know the truth. Our Pixel’s goal is not to always track higher ROAS than Facebook’s ROAS (although mostly it’s the case!). Our goal is to tell you the truth about your attribution so you can make the most informed decisions based on it.


You don’t know how much truth you are missing until you employ ecomtrack’s Pixel into your system.

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