96% of iPhone users opted to stay out of tracking.

After Apple updated the iOS 14.5 people can now choose if they want to be tracked by apps, such as Facebook or Instagram. So then Facebook’s pixel cannot track with accuracy majority of people clicking on your ads.

Consequences of iOS 14.5


Attribution window reduced by 75%

To make matters worse, Facebook has drastically changed its attribution model and cut down its reporting window by 75% – from 28 to only 7 days. Meaning any purchase that happens after 7 days from the first ad visit, no longer won’t be attributed to the ads that brought the person in the first place, resulting in missing multiple purchases that are happening after day 7.


72 hours delayed reporting

It can take Facebook up to 72 hours to report back on how your campaigns are performing. The question is, how can we make informed decisions where to invest the advertising budget if the data can take 3 days to get to us?


Facebook cannot accurately track 96% of iPhone users

This leads to massive misattribution. As Facebook admits: „Results may not include conversions from people who opt out of tracking on iOS 14.5+. Statistical modelling may be used to help us estimate some conversions that we were not able to observe directly due to these opt-outs.“


Inability of any business investing in ads to

evaluate results

optimise ads

scale with certainty

New way to track and scale ads. Stop losing money right now!

Turn off quickly the ads that are not generating the best results.

Scale with certainty the profitable campaigns.

Make decisions based on accurate data, no more guessing.

Don't be limited by the 7-day attribution window.

High credibility

We know what we are doing. After 3 years on market cooperating with many clients we have spent $
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,000,000+ on social media ads.

Benefits of ecomtrack

How it works

Attribute 100% of your sales to the correct ad

Say goodbye to Facebook’s misattribution, over-reporting, or under-reporting with our server to server connection.

Reduce wasted budget

With accurate data, you can finally scale the performing ads with confidence and turn off any ads that are not profitable. As a result, ecomtrack’s clients grow their businesses faster and more profitably.

Customisable attribution models

With us you have freedom to choose the attribution model that suits your business the most. From 7-day, 14-day, 28-day attribution window to „last click“ attribution model.

Easy & fast integration

ecomtrack offers a seamless integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, or we can custom-integrate any platform your business uses.

Gain an edge over your competitors

Most businesses continue using inaccurate Facebook Ads Manager data, so using ecomtrack gives you advantage over them all.


Based on our stats

20-50% misattributed

On average 20-50% (depending on client’ size & industry) of ads were misattributed by Facebook - either results were attributed to the wrong campaign, ad set, ad, or numbers were over-reported or under-reported.

Average 25% ROAS increase

After businesses have accurate data, they turn off quicker underperforming ads and begin putting budget behind „winning ads“. As a result, there has been on average 25% increase in return on ad spend after 30 days of using ecomtrack.

Ready to start tracking?